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- MARC Offseason Event

- Benzene 6-Week Training Camp

- EKGAR Camp

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Tuesday: 3 PM - 8PM

Thursday: 5:30 PM - 9 PM

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Benzene Bots prides itself in that it accepts students attending all schools including home-schooled students to

promote diversity within

our organization.

Interested in Mentoring?

Mentors are a critical part of our team; they utilize their backgrounds in STEM and business skills to provide students

a consistent resource 

during the robotics season.

Become a Sponsor

Our team heavily relies on our wonderful sponsors who provide us with our workshop, equipment, 

monetary support, and 

mentors which we rely on.

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Benzene Bots is a high school robotics team located in Troy, MI that competes in the FIRST Robotics Competition. But more importantly, Benzene Bots is a program that inspires students to acquire and apply STEM skills to pursue great goals in their lifetimes.

What is Benzene Bots?

Our mission is not only to inspire students' interest in STEM, but to prepare them for the work world and equip them with the skills necessary to be successful, being a consistent resource every stage of the learning process.

What is our Mission?

FIRST and Benzene Bots teach important technical, managerial, and public relations skills to their members and community. Team involvement also strengthens students' life skills, particularly their organization, dedication, and capacity for hard work.

How Do We Change Lives?

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